Washington Department of Social and Health Services
Michael Langer, Behavioral Health Administrator
“We in Washington have appreciated the business relationship with MOSAIX over the years because of several factors. The first one is flexibility and customization. MOSAIX has always allowed the system to be customized to meet the specific needs that arise for Washington. The second factor is the ability to leverage the work that other states are doing, learning from other MOSAIX states, and sharing ideas on how to move the field forward. The third factor is responsiveness. The MOSAIX staff is always very quick and responsive when needed; the swiftness of data inquirers is greatly appreciated. MOSAIX truly has a customer-oriented philosophy throughout the entire organization.”

California Department of Health Care Services
Chris Smith, Associate Government Program Analyst
“MOSAIX provides a data collection system for California’s substance abuse prevention data. The system is designed around SAMHSA’s Strategic Prevention Framework. Prevention services are reported in the system and a variety of reports are available at the state, county and provider levels. Programs can be created as Evidence-Based or Local Innovative/Other. Groups can be set up capturing individual participant demographic information or as a group summary. Progress is tracked on prevention goals and objectives. MOSAIX has been very receptive to feedback from the CalOMS Pv project staff regarding system changes and enhancements. ADP conducted a business analysis for ADP’s functional requirements and it was determined that MOSAIX’s service was the most fiscally viable. Other options included creating an in-house system, transferring a system from another state, or utilizing federally provided MDS software. These options were determined to not meet ADP business and functional requirements or were cost prohibitive.” “MOSAIX provides an excellent service to meet ADP’s business needs.”

Florida Department of Children and Families
Kim Munt, Research Coordinator
“The overarching philosophy of this company is to use data to make sound decisions, not collect data for data’s sake. As a result, the correct data can be collected and used to create the proper infrastructure to make sound program decisions based on quality data. Expanded communication and organizational management, and fiscal and contract management abilities are subsequently created, allowing the simultaneous monitoring of all aspects of an organization or agency.”

South Dakota Department of Social Services
Gib Sudbeck, Division Director
“They (MOSAIX) have been very responsive to our needs and have created new program applications to help us collect data from local Coalitions on the accomplishments of the goals and objectives specified on their annual work plans. I have been contracting with local and national organizations for over 20 years and MOSAIX is one of the most professional and responsive organizations that I have ever dealt with.”

South Carolina Department of Alcohol and Other Drug Services
Steve Burritt, Evaluator
“I think MOSAIX Prevention is one of the most exciting parts of the Governor’s Cooperative Agreement for Prevention. The system blends advanced prevention knowledge and user-friendly information management better than I ever could have imagined. Our community coalition representatives seem very confident in their ability to use the MOSAIX Prevention System after a short training, and they immediately recognized the many advantages of the system. Perhaps most of all, we are excited about the opportunity to work with the support staff to customize the system as new needs and advances