Case Studies

Drug-free Communities National Evaluation – COMET
Project Description:
Under a task orders with the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention (CSAP), in conjunction with the Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP), MOSAIX has collaborated with the ONDCP’s contractors on the Drug-free Communities National Evaluation to develop the data collection and reporting system for DFC Support Grant Program and the DFC Mentoring Grantees. COMET was the first instance where SAMHSA/CSAP automated the paper progress reporting process. MOSAIX played a major role in the design, development, and implementation of this process. Over the past 9 years this progress reporting process has been enhanced and rolled out to all other discretionary grant programs under CSAP. With the data provided through COMET, the evaluation both examines both the direct and indirect linkages between measures of DFC Program’s effectiveness and changes in substance use outcomes in DFC-funded communities. MOSAIX continues to support his application today for over 700 grant organizations on an ongoing basis.


Data Information Technology Infrastructure Contract (DITIC)
Project Description:
Under the SAMHSA IDIQ, MOSAIX was awarded the Data Information Technology Infrastructure Contract (DITIC). The goal of this five year contract was to consolidate these 11 data collection systems into one integrated web portal. MOSAIX developed a single-sign on web portal, the Prevention Management Reporting and Training System, providing one point of entry for all data related activities under CSAP. DITIC is able to intelligently limit the access to information and services based on user privileges. This cloud-based solution empowers both the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention’s management staff and contractors to monitor multi-grant program implementation and conduct real-time performance-based grants management. It also enables grantees to easily enter data, submit reports, and access data on demand. DITIC provided data collection tools to over 1,000 grantees from 10+ prevention programs as well as the general public.


Teenage Pregnancy Prevention Initiative – Subcontract to Center for Disease Control
Project Description:
Under a task order on behalf of the Center for Disease Control (CDC), KIT collaborated with CDC’s scientific advisors to develop and implement an interactive web-based tool utilizing the Getting to Outcomes ® (GTO) approach for the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiative (TPPI). This system includes a complete workflow for the all training and technical assistance requests. TA providers, grantees, or project officers can submit a request, and permit contracted TA providers to enter approval or disapproval disposition of the submitted work plan. This system gives project officers and national TA providers a real-time perspective on the quality and performance of training and TA delivered to grantees. PSBA-iGTO is currently being piloted by 6 National and 8 State and Community Partners.